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My fence versus Mr Trump’s.

I have been rather busy at the moment which is why this post is a little late and not quite in sync with the weather as described in the post, which at the moment could be described as a glorious … Continue reading

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I wrote this after adapting some of my latest children’s book called Tom’s Dad and did so in a great hurry, then I noticed it should be a Valentine story………too late now! TOM’S DAD. Tom was very proud of his … Continue reading

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Agatha Christie.

I was inspired to write this as a tribute to another blogger I have come across who writes some wonderful posts which are both amusing and educational, her latest was on the subject of a play about Agatha Christie. The … Continue reading

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Tell the story #6

I have no idea if I am writing this in the right place or if it will be seen for I have been tagged by pensivity101 to write a story on the image below. Odd that I saw the image … Continue reading

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3TChallenge. Japanese,culture,dance.

I am going to cheat today with the three things challenge and use something I wrote yesterday as a reply to another blog which wrote of their first teenage kiss. My first teenage kiss. I have very little knowledge of … Continue reading

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Harry and Edna on the Wireless.

I had the pleasure of appearing on the wonderful Harry and Edna on the Wireless show and I’m rather hoping I can put the details here so you may enjoy their splendid radio show. In this episode of Harry & … Continue reading

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