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Now I don’t know about you but I speak English, it may not be the best English but it is English none the less and I hope to continue speaking English until I die. However our children and it seems … Continue reading

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The Orthodontist.

I was up at the crack of sparrows this morning as usual when I realised there was no great rush as I was taking our youngest to the orthodontist. It’s strange how impersonal things have become and we all seem … Continue reading

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I’m sure I mentioned before that our boy child is not the brightest spark and after much persuasion we have finally managed to make some headway in getting him assessed. It seems he has a mental age of 8 and … Continue reading

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I’m getting hints of Elderflower.

My how versatile the Elderflower appears to be; one can use it in beer, Champagne, liqueur spirits, cordial, Vodka, Gin, Tea, and also surprisingly make Elderflower wine. In cooking it can be used in Summer Pudding, Honey Cake, and Cheese … Continue reading

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Water, water, everywhere!

Here we are in the country, up to our necks in water and not a drop to drink and suffering a hosepipe ban. I would love to use a hosepipe and wash the car if only it would stop raining … Continue reading

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I’m a genius!

Wow, I’ve changed the title thingy all on my own I must be a rocket scientist. Here’s a quick up date for anyone who cares as to why I haven’t been writing for ages. My cat was run over and … Continue reading

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Wrong again!

It seems that I haven’t opened another account just changed the name at the top, which is a step in the right direction, it’s just a shame that I was hoping for two steps in the right direction.

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