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I always said I never wanted children and I think I was right in that decision, however you can’t plan for having them thrust upon you. There is an old saying about having greatness thrust upon you and faced with … Continue reading

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Oliver is lost.

I’m always behind writing this so, it’s Sunday, Oliver has been using his cap flap for three or four days and from his first tentative steps he seems to be getting his bearings, or so we thought. He had gone … Continue reading

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Cat flu.

Oliver had been sneezing for the last couple of days, we at first thought it was the change of environment and the coal fires but in the end we had to give in and take him to the vet. Now … Continue reading

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The Joy of Sex.

I always seem to be writing this a day late, but we seem to be too busy to get anything done at the moment. Well having said that we did find time for sex, or making love as it’s now … Continue reading

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