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Another very busy weekend.

Yet another busy weekend with no day off again, the grandchildren are driving us both mad as they have been here over a week. Now I’ve had very little practice with children of any age, let alone the younger ones … Continue reading

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My how time flies.

How can it be five days since I last wrote anything here, well I must have been enjoying myself for time to have flown by so quickly. I have been very pleased with the way Oliver has settled in so … Continue reading

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Just having a moan.

Angella and I are working our bollocks off at the moment, although she obviously hasn’t any to lose, but you know what I mean. It frequently seems like we are the only ones working here, except the younger children do … Continue reading

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My cat Oliver.

Well, here’s a momentous day, I have been back to my house where I had left my cat and brought him back with me. I had up until today been leaving a timed feeding machine and  going back on a … Continue reading

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Summoned by bells.

Last night we were summoned to the school of our youngest, Diane, as she is known and is willing to be written about as such. My girlfriend Angella, (yes, we’re all coming out today) was rather worried that the reason … Continue reading

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You may remember some time ago I was discussing the merits of having a sports car in the country and a massive 4×4 in town and was on the horns of a dilemma as to whether I should have the … Continue reading

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Valentines day.

It’s Valentines day and what should I get the woman of my dreams to show my love for her, well nothing, luckily enough she’s not into all that flowers and chocolates lark. I was saying to our youngest as I … Continue reading

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